Why a comprehensive visioning project?
Why is now the right time?
Who’s visions are we gathering?
Strength Assesment

Assess existing community strengths and assets and create a map based on findings

Needs Assessment

Identify and prioritize community “needs” (gaps affecting the quality-of-life)

Prioritized Needs Research

Assess needs further based on local context, assets, challenges/ constraints, experiences and review policy alternatives

Project Implementation
Organize workgroups and begin developing action plans centered around prioritized needs

Visioning Project Timeline


Organize project structure

2022 - 2023

Community wide input on strengths, aspirations and needs


Community wide prioritization of aspirations and needs

2023 - 2024

In-depth research on prioritized needs (local context and evidence-based research)


Prepare, share and publicize results


Organize workgroups and develop action plans

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